Balloon Sizes &
Color Chart

To create the best balloon arrangements, we use quality balloons that ensure long float times, low burst rates and provide a wide range of options to coordinating balloons such as latex, Microfoil, and Bubble Balloons. Check our available range of balloon colours below. Standard qualatex and fashion balloons are best for organic installations, outdoor events, and for printing on balloons. Pearl and metallic balloons have an elegant sheen to them and will last longer than standard balloons. Jewel balloons are glossy and have a slightly transparent effect to them great in adding fun to your events. Please note that the colours of the balloons displayed may appear different than the actual colours due to different settings on computers.

Choose from our available balloon sizes below:
3 ft (90 cm), 30 inch (75 cm), 24 inch (60 cm), 16 inch (40 cm), 11 inch (28 cm), 9 inch (22 cm), and 5 inch (12 cm).